1.  “When our intelligence unyieldingly devotes itself to contemplation of the virtues, and our desire is focused solely on this and on Christ who bestows it, while our soul’s incensive power arms itself against the demons, then our faculties are acting according to nature.”

2.  “Every deiform soul is tripartite, according to Gregory the Theologian. Virtue when established in the intelligence, he calls discretion, understanding and wisdom; when in the incensive power, he calls it courage and patience; and when in the faculty of desire, he calls it love, self-restraint and self-control. Justice or right judgment penetrates all three aspects of the soul, enabling them to function in harmony. Through discretion the sould fights against the hostile powers and defends the virtuesThrough self-restraint it views things dispassionately. Through love it urges man to love all men as himself. Through self-control it eliminates every sensual pleasure. Finally, through courage and patience it arms itself against its invisible enemies. This is the harmony of the melodious organ of the soul”

source: Philokalia, A century of spiritual texts .23 and 24.)



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